Dental phobia

It’s very common to be worried, or to have a phobia, about going to the dentist. So if you feel anxious about having dental treatment, rest assured you’re not alone.

At Portman Dental Care, we believe you deserve the best dental care possible, and that means making sure you feel calm and in control during every step of your treatment.

A fresh start

We ensure you have the best possible experience from the moment you step in the door. Welcoming, comfortable receptions with magazines, complimentary refreshments, a calm atmosphere and compassionate practice teams, will all help you feel relaxed.

Talk it through

Your dentist will speak with you ahead of your treatment to find out the cause of any worries, so that we can set your mind at rest. We will talk you through every step of your treatment, so you know what to expect and when – this can be very helpful in calming dental phobias and anxiety. Don’t worry, our teams are trained to spot and help anxious patients, so are used to moving at a speed that’s comfortable for you.

Helpful techniques

There are plenty of things you can do to help alleviate any anxieties you might have about dental treatment:

  • Book a morning appointment, so you’re not worried about it all day
  • Remember that your first appointment is only a consultation; you can talk everything through with your dentist ahead of treatment
  • Bring a friend with you to your appointment for support
  • Talk to family and friends about their positive experiences at the dentist
  • Start slowly: ask your dentist for a simple clean and polish to help you get used to dental procedures

Dental sedation

If you find that this is still not enough, patients often feel more at ease with dental sedation, which is offered in some of our practices.

Sedation is used to relax patients and place them in a dreamlike state before any treatment or examination begins. Patients remain conscious throughout their appointment, but the sedation places them in such deep relaxation that they often don’t remember the treatment involved. Portman practices pride themselves in keeping anxious patients satisfied and calm, whilst providing top class treatment.

Whether it’s our relaxation techniques, caring customer service or our top of the range technology, we know how to make you relax and guarantee that your visit will be both comfy and worthwhile. 

Find your nearest Portman practice and discover how we can make your visit to the dentist an enjoyable one.

More support for dealing with Dental Phobias

Help is at hand for dental anxiety and phobia.

Our Portman Dental Care online resource centre links to helpful independent sites:

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Portman’s vision and values

Our vision is simple: putting patients first enables us to transform smiles and lives.

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            About Portman

            What’s the vision for Portman?

            We want to represent great dentistry. We want Portman to be known for its clinical standards and its ability to look after people, and it’s about having the internal culture that represents that.

            Corporate dentistry has previously struggled to build a good reputation, and Portman aspire to be the group that better represents corporate and clinical governance, supporting its clinicians to deliver great dentistry.


            About Portman

            How big will Portman grow?

            It’s not about being big; it’s about being the best. We’re successful, but we’re growing at a pace that enables us to continue to recruit the right people, and stay true to our vision and values.


            About Portman

            How do you measure success?

            We want our practices to grow. We don’t set out to cut costs, we look to grow turnover while managing fixed costs. We want to grow your revenue significantly ahead of inflation to drive profit.

            However, if you just focus on profitability, you might use cheaper materials or reduce staff, and that’s not how Portman works. We focus on growing the success of your existing business, working around a model that already works well for you.

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