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Our dentists are experienced in restoring smiles and cosmetic dentistry through smart technology and expert techniques.

Teeth whitening

Whether you have a special event coming up, or just want to look your best, having your teeth whitened can make you feel great. Teeth whitening is a simple treatment with immediate results, and can dramatically improve your self-confidence.  

While we all dream of a Hollywood smile, it’s a part of life that your teeth may not be the brilliant white you desire – in fact there are very few people with naturally white teeth. Age, lifestyle and diet can all cause surface stains on your enamel. Coffee, red wine, curry, balsamic vinegar and dark berries are all teeth staining culprits. The good news is that it’s easy to whiten your teeth. An experienced Portman dentist can treat you in practice, or provide you with the tools you need to safely whiten your teeth at home.

Teeth straightening

A straight smile is a confident smile.

Teeth straightening provides you with a lasting, straight smile that can dramatically affect your self confidence, and improve the overall health of your mouth. An overcrowded mouth can lead to plaque build up between teeth, crooked teeth can pose problems for brushing, and misaligned teeth can impact on your jaw structure. Straighter teeth not only look good but are easier to keep clean, making a difference to your self-esteem and helping to maintain a healthy mouth.

If you have concerns about how teeth straightening treatments will impact your appearance, you’ll be pleased to know that there are various near-invisible solutions, such as Invisalign invisible braces, so no-one will notice that you are having dental treatment.

Everyone’s smile is different, and we understand your unique needs. If you are considering options for orthodontic treatment, make an appointment to see one of our Portman orthodontists.

Dental veneers

A beautiful smile can be achieved more quickly than with orthodontic treatments. If you are looking for a way to improve the appearance of your smile, you might consider dental veneers.

Chipped teeth, gaps between your teeth, staining and cracks can make you self-conscious about smiling. Your Portman dentist can help you on the road to a smile you’ll want to share. Veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry that are achievable in one to three appointments, depending on your circumstance and the type of veneer you choose.

Composite veneers, can often be applied in one visit, meaning you can show off a new, brighter smile the same day. Porcelain veneers usually take two to three appointments, as your veneers will need to be crafted in a dental laboratory before they are fitted.

Smile restoration

The perfect smile is always within reach. Whether you want to enhance your smile or restore broken, chipped or missing teeth, Portman dentists are experts in the field of dental aesthetics and can help you choose the treatment to suit you.

How you smile at the world can have a huge impact on your self-confidence. We understand that dull, damaged or misaligned teeth can affect your self-esteem, so we offer a variety of treatments to help restore a healthy smile. You may want to revitalise your teeth, to make them whiter, brighter and healthier looking, or you may be looking for a more dramatic transformation.

Your smile restoration treatment plan could include teeth straightening, teeth whitening, veneers, or replacements for missing teeth such as dental implants or bridges. Whatever you are looking for, our highly trained specialists can advise on the most suitable course of action for you and make sure that you feel comfortable throughout your smile restoration journey.

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Repairing teeth

We are experts in restoring broken or chipped teeth. Using the latest dental technology we can help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile.

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    Why are my teeth discoloured?

    Teeth lose their natural colour for many reasons, but the main causes of teeth looking yellow are food and drink, oral hygiene and age.

    Drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and certain fruits, such as blueberries, stain teeth quite badly. Smoking is another common culprit.



    Can I have my teeth whitened if I have cavities or gum problems?

    Before treatment you will always be seen by one of our dentists to make sure that having your teeth whitened is right for you.

    It is not a good idea to have your teeth whitened if you have existing dental problems, as the whitening agent can aggravate any cavity or gum problems.



    How long will my teeth stay white?

    The treatment has a long-term impact on the colour of your teeth, but they will not be immune to the same discolouring as they previously suffered. Stains build up on your teeth from everyday living.

    Tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and spicy foods can all dull the natural colour of your teeth. To maintain the impact of the treatment it is advisable to brush your teeth more frequently. Your Portman dentist will explain the procedure and aftercare at your first appointment.



    Is teeth whitening safe?

    As long as you have healthy teeth and gums, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. One factor to look out for is the peroxide concentration in the whitening agent, as it may weaken the tooth enamel.



    Who can benefit from orthodontic treatment?

    At Portman, we have treated thousands of patients, aged from eight to 88 years old. There is never a point in life where we cannot move healthy crooked teeth into their ideal positions.



    Why are my teeth not straight?

    There are many causes of overcrowding, gaps and crooked teeth. For some people it can be inherited or possibly acquired, either due to a habit (sucking of the thumb, prolonged use of a dummy), or because of the premature loss of milk teeth or adult teeth.



    What can be treated?

    Orthodontic treatments have evolved enormously over the last 20 years. Now problems such as gaps between the teeth, crowded teeth, overbite (upper teeth covering the majority of the lower ones), open bite (upper and lower teeth almost don’t touch) and cross bites can all be treated.



    What will the impact of orthodontic treatment be?

    Orthodontic problems can have a profound impact on a person and their social and professional life. Depending on the extent of a problem, you might even be too self-conscious to smile. Effective orthodontic treatment not only improves your appearance, but also goes a long way to improving your self-confidence.



    Should teeth be straightened for health reasons?

    The correction of poor dental positioning also improves oral hygiene, as crowded or crooked teeth are often hard to clean properly. With such an improvement, the risk of gum disease for example – which can result in loss of teeth in extreme cases – is prevented.



    What other benefits does teeth straightening offer?

    Orthodontic treatment improves chewing efficiency by re-establishing the correct relationship between lower and upper teeth, removing the difficulty you may have when chewing certain kinds of food, and so providing better nutrition. 

    In some cases, orthodontics can also prevent complications in the temporomandibular joint (the joint which joins the jaw to the skull). Chronic pain in the head, face, neck or ears, as well as dizziness, nausea and restricted ability to open and close the mouth can originate here.

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