About us

Our founder and group chief executive, Sam Waley-Cohen, founded Portman Dental Care in 2009 with the desire to be the best rather than the biggest privately-focused dental group. Culture and values are critical to us, with a simple ethos at our core to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Portman Dental Care have 200 dental practices across the UK, Ireland and Benelux, including 16 orthodontic Portman Smile Clinics, caring for over 700,000 patients. Our practices offer a range of specialist, private and NHS dental care services, and are focused on continual development both in clinical skills and innovation.

Portman Dental Care joined forces with Dentex Health in 2023, to bring the best of both organisations together into one new business. Together, PortmanDentex now provide dental care to over a million patients every year. That’s over 370 practices across the UK and Ireland, with more than 2,400 clinicians and 4,500 practice colleagues providing dental care for our 1.5 million patients. 

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    Our executive team

    Our senior team has a wealth of cross-sector experience from the worlds of IT, finance, commerce, marketing and healthcare. We are drawn together through a collective ambition to ensure excellence in dental practice. Our vision is holistic and simple: our patients are at heart of everything we do.

    Founder and Group Chief Executive

    Sam Waley-Cohen

      CEO UK and Ireland

      Julie Ross

        Group Chief Financial Officer

        Darren Milne

          Chief Operating Officer

          Owen James

            Chief Information and Transformation Officer

            Karl de Bruijn

              Chief Clinical Officer

              Michael Davidson

              GDC No. 78372


                Business Development Director

                Ben Hanning

                  Chief Financial Officer

                  Paul Davis

                    Our Mergers & Acquisitions Team

                    Our success is your success

                    Complete clinical freedom, central financial and administrative assistance, and the support of a well-trained and motivated team. If you're looking to sell your dental practice, we'd be happy to hear from you.

                      Director of Mergers & Acquisitions

                      Gary Chapman

                        Our Clinical Team

                        Director of Dentistry

                        Rebecca Sadler

                          Director of Dentistry

                          Catherine Tannahill

                            Regional Clinical Leads

                            Regional Clinical Lead, Republic of Ireland

                            Grania O’Connell

                              Regional Clinical Lead, North West

                              Clare Watson

                                Clinical Project Support

                                James Critchley

                                  Regional Clinical Lead, Northern Ireland and IOM

                                  Susan Nelson

                                    Regional Clinical Lead, Orthodontics

                                    Imran Shafi

                                      Regional Clinical Lead, Midlands and East of England, 

                                      Stewart K Lenton

                                        Regional Clinical Lead, NHS,

                                        Asad Rahman

                                          Regional Clinical Clead, Scotland

                                          Aidan McKenna

                                            Regional Clinical Lead, Midlands, Wales and M4 Corridor

                                            Shilla Talati

                                              Regional Clinical Lead, South West and referral division

                                              David Burgess

                                                Regional Clinical Lead North East England

                                                Leah Wilson

                                                  Regional Clinical Lead, Orthodontics

                                                  Hamza Parvez

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                                                      Portman Dental Care and Dentex Health have merged to form PortmanDentex. To find out more about our new brand